Complementary skills for a complete expertise.

Study, Advice and Training

Closest to your concerns

We help you manage the weather-sensitivity of your activity.

Field study

1 Mapping the existing fields We carry out an inventory of the equipment in place, the data recovered and the quality of the weather information available.

2 Define objectives We identify weather-related objectives in your business. What data is relevant to you? In what form does it form? How often?

3 Writing the weather strategy We offer you a solution adapted to your activity.

Go further

As a meteorologist, Weather Measures can, in its field of competence, give keys to agronomists that are farmers in order to advance in the most rational way possible on this central subject that is meteorology. The one-day training course that we offer aims to train farmers on the main basic principles of meteorology and potential data sources.


Installation and Maintenance

Select, install and maintain your weather devices.

We accompany you in the installation of meteorological equipment. From rainfall radars to weather stations, including rain gauges and ground probes, Weather Measures puts its know-how at your disposal for the installation of your devices. We are there for each step of your project. From the choice, the installation to the maintenance of your weather devices.


Study of your devices Arrangements in place, and audit of site exposure to exceptional weather events.

Redefinition Locations of weather systems of agricultural cooperatives or industrial sites.

Following Management of new installations, or change of location.

Identification Adapted materials and service providers for the installation on your space.


Data reprocessing


We're trying to find the best possible weather data. Thanks to a multi-source supply, radar, satellites, rain gauges, disdrometers, weather station, we can refine our incoming data.


Our team of data scientists performs precision processing to avoid errors and to think our weather algorithms through. With the intervention of our meteorology specialists, we can create new weather models according to your needs.

Technical development

Our development team makes the link between the data and you by allowing you to view the data from your devices.