Expertise from various skills.

Weather Measures at a Glance

Weather Measures is a concentrate of expertise.
Our team is made up of experts in complementary and multidisciplinary fields like meteorology, data science, programming, listening and consulting.
Our know-how comes from the combination of these skills.

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Meteorology science

Thanks to our knowledge in meteorology, we can carry out tailor-made studies, verify the quality and relevance of our data

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Data Science

Our data scientists think about the necessary treatments to be carried out on the data collection in order to extract the best out of it

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Computing science

Thanks to our tech team, we have a solid infrastructure in the processing, collection and redistribution of data.

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Listening & Advising

We help you to choose your measuring devices taking into account the implementation of meteorological systems and the definition of a strategy for your objectives.

Our company

Since 2015 Weather Measures has been putting its expertise in precision meteorology at the service of human activity.

Our Job

Precision meteorology.

Our Mission Statement

More than 70% of human activities are said to be weather-sensitive. Our project was born in 2015 from a strong conviction, the optimization of a weather-sensitive activity necessarily requires precision meteorology. Based on this conviction, our efforts have logically focused on the most weather-sensitive human activity par excellence, agriculture. Since then, we have also been involved in projects for the industrial and energy sectors. If we had to sum up our leitmotiv, the weather is everywhere but it is only worth it by the good use that is made of it!

Our Vision

Weather data can easily be useless if it is not adapted and framed to your needs. We provide you with the most relevant weather for your business, in the right form and with the right tool.


Innovation has been in the DNA of Weather Measures since its inception. It is this desire to innovate that has led us to an atypical positioning in the meteorological sector, by moving away from meteorology itself to focus first on the uses that are made of it.


Weather Measures believes deeply in collective intelligence to innovate but also to answer with relevance to the questions of its customers' daily life. Collaboration and co-construction with our partners and clients is therefore at the heart of what has forged us since our creation and still forges us every day.


We want to stay close to our customers and partners. In order to offer them unique services that are fully adapted to their needs, we are always attentive to market needs and trends and we work in strong partnership with our customers and partners to constantly improve the solutions we provide and offer innovations that are certainly useful.

Commitment and transparency

Because we are committed to building lasting relationships with you, we cultivate transparency in our exchanges and only make commitments that we believe we can keep.

They trusted us

logo Michelin

The Michelin Group is the world's leading tire manufacturer. Weather Measures is proud to work with the Michelin Group for several years on different issues, including the Early Warning System that is installed at the Group's facilities, including its headquarters in Clermont Ferrand.


logo Limagrain

From its agricultural co-operative on the Limagne plain, Limagrain is the 4th largest seeds company in the world and expert in cereal chains. Limagrain is a historical partner of Weather Measures, with whom the cooperation has been enriched over the years, from the maintenance of sensor networks, the implementation of radar infrastructures to the supply of spatialized meteorological data and the carrying out of joint research work.

The LIMAGRAIN Cooperative helps its farmers on a daily basis by developing offers of advice adapted to plant production. Weather measures is at our side by providing us with the necessary meteorological data and by bringing us its indispensable expertise in our profession and that of our farmers.

Michel PREVOST – Director of Innovation and Agronomic Development - Cooperative LIMAGRAIN


logo Cristal Union

As it presents itself, Cristal Union is an agro-industrial cooperative group among the leading European producers of sugar and alcohol. Mainly established in France, although it achieves a significant proportion of its sales abroad, its organisation and operations are based on the cooperative model. Its strategy is a long-term one. It combines a keen sense of responsible economy, a local anchoring of the industrial tool and an ambitious research and development policy. It is therefore quite natural that Weather Measures and Cristal Union have been working together for several years to provide a pragmatic solution to beet growers around the cercosporiose disease, triggered by humidity and temperature parameters.


logo Euralis

Euralis is based in the South West of France, its historic birthplace, and also has an international presence, supporting agricultural and food industry professionals by working in two complementary sectors of activity; agriculture and agri-food. Weather Measures provides meteorological data throughout Euralis' territory and cooperates on innovative service projects involving meteorological data.

Weather Measures has a strong partnership approach with a willingness to use its meteorological experience and its dematerialized solutions for uses that directly meet the needs of their customers. We have also been extremely sensitive to their willingness to work in full and open interoperability with our other software solutions and to focus on the quality and accuracy of their data.

Julien SALUDAS – R&D and Innovation Manager – EURALIS CEREALES


logo Hennessy

We no longer present the Hennessy house which is currently the largest producer and exporter of Cognac in the world. Weather Measures first intervened with Hennessy as an expert consultant in meteorology and is actively working to provide meteorological information on the scale of the Cognac area and thus support the activity of the area's winegrowers on a daily basis by combining data from local weather station networks and spatialized data.

We appreciate the reactivity of the teams as well as their ability to adapt the approach of the weather data according to the different interlocutors (winegrowers, researchers, engineers).

Mathilde BOISSEAU – Head of Viticultural Operations – HENNESSY


logo Grands Chais de France

Les Grands Chais de France Group (LGCF), a family business, was founded in 1979 by Joseph Helfrich. As a privileged partner of winegrowers in the major regions of France, winegrower-breeder at the head of more than 3,000 hectares of vines, the GCF Group has become, in the space of a generation, a major player in Alsace, the Jura, the Diois, the Languedoc, the Bordeaux region, the Loire Valley, Burgundy and, more recently, in Provence. Today he is the leading private winemaker in France. Weather Measures is involved in several cross-cutting missions at the level of GCF domains by combining data from connected sensors combined with Weather Measures' spatialized data.

Weather Measures' expertise has enabled us to implement frost control solutions and to feed disease monitoring models to optimize our management. We are currently in the process of extending this partnership to our partner wine producers so that they can also benefit from these solutions and expertise essential to our industry.

Matthieu GRASSIN – Property and Vineyards Manager – Les Grands Chais de France


logo Engie Cofely

ENGIE Cofely is one of the leaders in energy transition in France and is part of the ENGIE Group, one of the world's leading energy companies. ENGIE Cofely is an energy and environmental efficiency services company that offers companies and local authorities solutions to make better use of energy and reduce their environmental impact. ENGIE Solutions was officially launched on January 1, 2020. This new entity brings together ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Ineo and ENGIE Réseaux to support professionals in their energy transition. A single brand, but as much know-how to meet your challenges. It is in this context that Weather Measures cooperates in the implementation of innovative solutions for optimising infrastructure management by integrating precise meteorology on a local scale.


logo Total

As part of its industrial activities, TOTAL is required to monitor certain meteorological parameters at its sites on a regular basis. Thanks to its expertise in the integration of state-of-the-art meteorological sensors, Weather Measures has been able to provide TOTAL with turnkey, tailor-made solutions that meet the challenges and expectations of industrial sites.


logo Veolia

Veolia is a major player in wastewater treatment in France, with more than 1,900 wastewater treatment plants in the country. In 2017, these facilities treated 637 million cubic meters. More than 12.9 million people are connected to a wastewater network operated by Veolia. Veolia is working on a number of projects involving the recovery of re-treated water. In this context, meteorological measurements can prove to be a key element, requiring the intervention of specialists such as Weather Measures.


Our partners

logo Weenat

Weenat provides professional farmers with easy-to-use solutions for real-time monitoring of agro-meteorological data in their fields. Thanks to an app and smart sensors, farmers can accurately measure key parameters for their business. In July 2021, Weather Measures joined Weenat. This new entity now integrates the entire agro-meteorological data value chain. This is a first in Europe, and a strong lever to support agriculture professionals towards greater performance.


logo INRAE

INRAE is the national research institute for agriculture, food and the environment. It was created in 2020 from the merger between INRA, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, and Irstea, the French National Institute for Research in Science and Technology for the Environment and Agriculture. Weather Measures has been collaborating since 2019 on the SICTAG project to combat frost in viticulture.


logo LMPB, Laboratoire de Mathématiques Blaise Pascal

The LMBP of the University of Clermont is the main public research centre in mathematics in Auvergne. It is a Joint Research Unit of Blaise Pascal University and CNRS (UMR 6620). Weather Measures regularly conducts work with mathematics students from the University Clermont Auvergne. Mathematics is indeed largely involved in the spatialization techniques of meteorological data implemented by Weather Measures.


logo Vegepolys Valley

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is a competitiveness cluster bringing together companies, research and training centres in plant sector around projects to strengthen the competitiveness of companies. Weather Measures is member of the Board of directors of Vegepolys Valley. At the national level, he was administrator and treasurer of the PEXE, an association of eco-companies in France, for three years. He is currently a director of Végépolys Valley.


logo Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation

The Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation competitiveness cluster brings together public and private players operating in the agriculture, agri-food and agribusiness sectors in the Occitanie and New Aquitaine regions.


logo La Ferme Digitale

La Ferme Digitale is an association of AgTech start-ups whose promise is to "Promote innovation and digital technology for efficient and sustainable agriculture". It focuses its action on two axes; 1. creating a community of actors whose wish is to advance the agricultural sector through research and innovation. 2. Bringing consumers and farmers closer together through digital technologies


logo Fruition Sciences

Fruition Sciences provides oenologists a web application integrating terroir and vintage data. Its solution based on a fine understanding of plants allows farmers to save time and improve both the quality and yield of their production, while implementing innovative techniques and adapting to climate change. Operating mainly in the USA and Europe, Fruition Sciences is a long-time partner of Weather Measures serving winegrowers. This partnership has enabled the two companies to be awarded the DIVA 2020 program for a new wine service project in the United States.


logo WiUz

WiUz publishes the platform of the same name whose vocation is to support and accompany each farmer from sowing to harvest, while ensuring the traceability of its productions. The WIUZ platform allows the farmer to manage all the daily operations and to have permanently updated useful data for the management of his farm. The technician has a complete vision of his sector to optimize the strategies adopted with his farmers. Finally, the traceability functions enable certified production to be efficiently monitored. Meteorology can intervene at each stage and for each profile. It was therefore quite natural that WiUz and Weather Measures, who share the same philosophy of open and collaborative work, should meet and gradually build a strong partnership.